Friday, April 12, 2013

Sexual Violence Task Force

This year the board of the Greater Lafayette Sexual Assault Prevention Coalition started making the move to dissolve the agency.  After much review of our organizational capacity and the needs of the community, we felt that many of the original purposes of GLSAPC are being well-managed by other agencies.   We are currently planning on ways to support those organizations.  

We have spent some time reviewing what needs we do have, and the board has identified the opportunity for  community partners to come together to more effectively share information and resources that are available.  This week, we had the first meeting of the Sexual Violence Task Force organized through the YWCA.  This group is working to develop a comprehensive website and other informational documents.  If you would like to receive meeting announcements for the task force, please contact me at

GLSAPC would like to thank all of the members of the community who have provided support over the years.  We are confident that this community will continue to come together to effectively promote, advocate and educate for the prevention and treatment of rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse.